APICES Austrasia Pty Ltd

Australia Pacific Identification, Control & Estimation Solutions


APICES Austrasia provides solutions in mathematical modeling, control systems design, simulation, estimation and fusion processes. This in an environment which emphasises on Model Based Design to achieve fast results from start to finish.
One method used, is rapid prototyping through an Integrated Development Environment with automated code generation for fast deployment on a software or a hardware target such as an existing software application or an embedded hardware platform for real time control in a mechatronic environment.


Examples are:

  • Applications of mathematical control theory for GPS-INS guided tractors.
  • GPS mathematics and dead reckoning using inertial sensors.
  • Dynamic positioning of semi-submersibles.
  • Inertial sensor modeling, gyro and accelerometer error correction, signal processing.
  • Kalman filter applications and sensor fusion.
  • Stochastic modeling for financial engineering.
  • State machine modeling and simulation.
  • Automated testing and validation.
  • Modeling of simultaneous mass and heat transfer in a drying process.
  • Brake by Wire technology for automotive applications.
  • Large scale data analysis, 2D, 3D visualisation.

APICES is a one stop shop for knowledge transfer, design and implementation using The Mathworks Integrated Development Environment with Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow and automated code generation.


Capability Statement

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